“I’m afraid to build relationships with young people because I am a virgin”

I have a problem – I’m very afraid to build relationships with guys. I am 27 years old, and I have never had an intimate relationship. It seems to me that

, having learned about this, the guy will immediately reject me or think that I’m wrong. When I see interest in myself, I try to show that only friendship is possible between us. I always reject the guys because of my own fear. To be honest, I’m already tired of being afraid, so I want to solve this problem with the help of psychologists.

When you meet a new person and try to explain to him that only friendship is possible between you – it really sounds like a rejection. It may turn out that friendship becomes impossible, because the young man hears in this that with him “something is wrong.”. He will not want to continue to besiege your emotional fortress.

Try just to admit that your ideas about yourself (it is right or wrong – not still have intimate relationships) is not absolute. People treat such things differently, and the fact that you had no this experience before should not become an obstacle to starting to practice it! It seems to me that it is important that you meet the person you like. Try first to pay attention to your feelings. When you meet a man, do not test him, do not ask a question, whether he likes you and what could you like even more. Do not forget to check your feelings, think about what you like in it. Otherwise, focusing on your own shortcomings, get hung up on what needs to be corrected in yourself.

Perhaps you should even play the princess a little – think about what it should be to like you? Of course, you have flaws, but do not attribute to them the status of a defect. Look for general, interests and activity that can unite you, do not put artificial obstacles. As for sexual experience, this is such a practice, such an experience that, fortunately, is mastered very quickly.

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